Bekendmaking Brainport Talent Attraction Program

Op dinsdagmiddag 17 april maakte Brainport Development haar Talent Attraction Program bekend.

Met het Brainport Talent Attraction Program werken we voor en samen met bedrijven en organisaties in de regio aan het aantrekken en behouden van (inter)nationaal tech en IT talent voor de regio.

Hieronder een kort verslag (in het Engels):
“17th of april we launched our new Talent Attraction Program in the beautiful auditorium of ‘het Natlab’ in Eindhoven. We’d like to thank all of you who were present, and to those who weren’t: we missed you! We’re proudly looking back at a very interesting event, in which we shared a lot of (new) information. This newsletter serves as a reminder, with links to the websites we mentioned and contact details for further information.

As a non-profit economic development company we, at Brainport Development, cooperate with many partners on strenghtening the Brainport region. Brainport, with Eindhoven at its very heart, is a world-class top technology region and the growth accelerator of the Dutch economy. As an independent and demand-driven organization we passionately work on achieving concrete results. Brainport Development develops the regional economic strategy, develops and realizes projects, offers business advice and innovative business premises and promotes Brainport in the Netherlands and abroad. In line with these goals, we developed our Talent Attraction Program.”

Bron: Brainport Eindhoven

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